Drone Armed With Hand-Gun Video Is A Terrible Glimpse Into The End Of Humanity (VIDEO)

WATCH: A Quadcopter. With A Handgun

Yes, this does appear to be a drone armed with a handgun. That's right, a shop-bought, make it yourself drone with a handgun.

Throw in the very real reality of 3D-printed weapons and and we might suggest starting to dig some kind of shelter in your back garden right away.

Although this video was produced with a benign purpose - a demonstration of mobile phone screen protectors - the potential possibilities for drone-based carnage are worrying, if not unprecedented.

For a vision of what the futre might hold you can check out this 'Russian' chap with his (dubious) sub-machine gun-equipped quad-copter.

Or you could just watch 'Terminator'. Y'know, the one where everyone gets killed by drones with guns...


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