'Citizen Drone' With Paintball Cannons Shows 'Personal Defence' Future For UAVs (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Citizen Drone' With Disturbingly Accurate Paintball Cannons

An American enthusiast has outfitted a drone with paintball cannons as part of an effort to show how 'civilian warfare' robots could be used for personal defense.

The robot, shown on YouTube, can handily dispatch cardboard cutout targets.

The video was made as part of an effort to find out what happens when drones are used for unethical or illegal purposes.

The drone also had a mount for a handgun, according to DangerInfo.

"Under no circumstances should you ever put a live firearm on a drone," said the masked man in the video. "It's incredibly dangerous, and almost certainly a felony."

But what the video does show is that commercially available drones are able to take the stress of a firing weapon, and shoot with accuracy. Take a look, above.

"If this is what a novice with a small budget can accomplish, clearly this technology has a lot of potential," says DangerInfo.

"It may not be exactly Skynet, but clearly we're entering an age when drones will dominate the skies."


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