Pope Francis Blesses Sick And Disabled Kids At Weekly Audience In Vatican (PICTURES)

One lucky lad got to ride in the Pope's open top car on Wednesday as the pontiff held his weekly audience with sick and disabled children in St Peter's Square.

Pope Francis posed for photos with 17-year-old Alberto di Tullio who has Down's Syndrome, as a crowd of 80,000 people looked on.

Pope Francis cheerily poses with Alberto di Tullio

Unity was the theme of the Pope's speech as he said Christians in conflict with one another .make Christ's body suffer.

He said: "Unity is a grace we must ask from the Lord so that he would free us from the temptation of division, fights among us, selfishness and complaining about each other – how much damage, how much evil that chatter creates,” reports the Catholic Herald.

"How much damage is created by divisions among Catholics and between Christian communities. Evangelical Christians, Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians – why are we divided? We must try to bring unity.

“Pray that the Lord would give us unity."