UFO Files Reveal Man Claimed He Had Been Living With Alien 'For Some Time'

Man Had Been Living With Alien 'For Some Time'

Newly released files on UFOs show some alleged contact with aliens went far beyond just sightings including one domestically adventurous man who had been "living with an alien" for some time.

The report compiled after the June 2008 message said the man described how he had first seen a UFO above his house in Carlisle, but gave no date or time.

The form noted that the man, whose name was not revealed: "Said that he definitely has an alien amongst his mists (sic). That things move around the house. Can we please get back to him and explain what is happening."

The alien may or may not have looked anything like this

Another man left a message in January 2008 claiming that a UFO took his dog, car and tent while he was camping with friends near Cardiff in 2007.

The report of the message, released in the files on Thursday,, said: "The witness saw spaceships and then said that one of them abducted his dog , car and tent, when he and some friends were out camping.

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"They were going quite slow across the sky and one of them abducted the witness's dog and possessions."

It added that the man would "like to tell us more about the spaceships he has seen and more about his ordeal. He did not state whether he got back what was taken."

Officials sent a response to the man, including standard explanations of how the Ministry of Defence did not investigate each sighting, saying: "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat to the UK from an external source, and to date no UFO has revealed such evidence, we do not attempt to identify the precise nature of each sighting reported to us."

But the message, sent in January 2008, added: "In your answerphone message, you informed us that your dog and possessions were abducted. Abduction, kidnap and theft are criminal offences and therefore would be a matter for the civilian police, not the MoD."

In another case, a woman who saw "two orange balls" hovering over her back garden in Coventry in July 2008 contacted the MoD to ask if she and her Springer spaniel "could be contaminated" as a result of the experience.


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