UFO Files Show MoD Declined Offers Of Alien Shooting Super-Weapons

Should The MoD Have Turned Down A UFO-Blasting Super Weapon?

Patriotic? Prepared? Petrified? Or just plain nuts?

All are terms that can be applied to the numerous people who have written to the MoD over the years with their proposals for UFO-blasting super weapons.

One suggestion was sent to the MoD in March 2009 by a "UFO researcher" who wrote: "I have knowledge that the RAF have on more than one occasion intercepted a UFO using military aircraft.

This could happen

"Therefore, the reason I am contacting you once again is that, through my research as a UFO researcher, I believe I know how you can shoot down a UFO.

"Hypothetically, let's assume that these UFOs are extraterrestrial and that the RAF has tried but failed to bring down an extraterrestrial UFO.

"I have a suggestion for a new weapon which could and will bring down a potential extraterrestrial UFO."

It went on: "If you would care to know more about my suggestion for a weapon which could and will take down a UFO craft, then I would like to speak personally with someone such as a general or high ranking official within the Royal Air Force, immediatley (sic).

"It is your choice. Trust me, have faith."

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The strange requests are all part of newly declassified documents relating to the MoD's UFO desk that was closed in 2009.

In a response on 11 March, an official politely declined the offer, writing: "The UK has a comprehensive suite of capabilities that provide its air superiority, both here at home in the UK and also on expeditionary operations.

"The UK's Air Policing Area is under continuous surveillance using a combination of civil and military radar installations that provide a continuous real-time 'picture'.

"Any threat would, of course, be handled in the light of the particular circumstances at the time, however, rest assured that we have at our disposal a range of capabilities that we are confident can neutralise even the most demanding of targets.

"Notwithstanding this, we are not becoming complacent and we continue to develop successor air defence capabilities, such as fast jet and rotary wing aircraft and smart weapons which utilise cutting edge technologies and will see the UK well placed to handle any threat well into the future.

"In the circumstances, and whilst we note your kind offer, we will not be pursuing it any further."

The 5 March email is not the only offer of a weapon to "shoot down" UFOs.

In a letter addressed to the Queen from a sender in Victoria, Australia, outlining concerns over UFOs, a handwritten addition to the typed letter said: "I know how you can correctly shoot down a 'UFO' using electrodisruption."

In another message, dated 16 May, the author wrote: "I have a theory for a device which could be used to take down an extra terrestrial UFO craft.

"My theory involves using a device similar to that of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon which once deployed from an aircraft would be fired and the device would attach itself to the UFO through use of magnetic pull.

"The device would then send an electric charge into the UFO craft's outer body fuselage, thus would disable the UFO crafts electronic equipment."

Replying to the email on 20 May 2009, an official said: "Thank you for your email of 16 May 2009 regarding your theory for a device to shoot down UFOs.

"I should like to assure you that defence technology, including the effectiveness of our air defence systems, is constantly evolving and we are confident that our air defence capabilities fully meet the air defence threat and protect the integrity of the UK Air Defence Region.

"However at this point we are not intending to develop a weapon to shoot down UFOs."

When urged again on 20 May to consider the offer, a reply was sent to the unnamed person, saying: "Thank you for your email of 20 May 2009 regarding details of your weapon that could shoot down UFOs.

"I can assure you that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) appreciates your concerns and takes most seriously its departmental aim to deliver security for the people of the United Kingdom and the Overseas Territories by defending them and acting as a force for good by strengthening international peace and security."

The email went on: "I have had my colleagues in the Science Innovation Technology area conduct an assessment of your proposal. The outcome this assessment is that they are satisfied that our capability to ensure the air defence of the UK can be delivered without the need for new equipment.

"My colleagues will contact you if a future requirement emerges that could be met by your weapon."


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