24/06/2013 17:45 BST | Updated 25/06/2013 06:28 BST

Wimbledon Row Over Tickets

A row has threatened to erupt over empty seats at Wimbledon as critics blamed corporate and media tickets for spare seats on Centre Court on Monday.

The issue was highlighted on Twitter as sports personality Gary Lineker wrote: "Lots of empty seats on centre court. Corporate lethargy no doubt. What a waste of tickets so many could give their right arm for #wimbledon."

Empty seats: 'corporate lethargy' or a trip to the bar? (file picture)

Others followed Lineker's comments, voicing anger at the number of empty seats at popular first-round matches on the All England Club's main show court.

Neil Harris tweeted: "Please can someone explain to me as if I'm a 2 year old why there are empty seats at #Wimbledon2013 yet can't buy ticket to save my life!"

Another user, Impatient4Evita added: "Seems Wimbledon tickets have been wasted on businesses & sponsors, empty seats because they can't be bothered turning up. Sound familiar?"

The criticisms echo the row that broke out last summer at London 2012 as organisers were criticised for giving too many tickets to sponsors and media, leading to noticeable swathes of empty seats at the Games.

But a spokesman from the All England Club played down the criticisms, saying Wimbledon is an all-day event and people often leave their seats to get refreshments.