As Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Enjoys Some Box Office Return After All, What IS The Biggest Film Flop Ever?

If Not 'World War Z', What IS The Biggest Film Flop Ever?

Brad Pitt can breathe a sigh of relief.

His much-vamped, equally-derided zombie apocalypse blockbuster 'World War Z' has defied much gloomy expectation and made a respectable return at the box office, no doubt helped by Pitt's tireless publicity mission around the world, with Angelina Jolie and family by his side.

There were those who calmly predicted 'Z' would turn out to be the biggest film flop ever, after re-writes, re-shoots and a whopping £170 million got spent on bringing it from book to screen.

But it's earning its money, and the hot news is there's a sequel on the way.

So if Brad Pitt won't have to wipe egg from his face after all, who are the Hollywood dreamers really left licking their wounds after thinking big and scoring small?

Here's the current top ten list of film history's biggest flops (with figures adjusted to 2013 levels for ease of comparison). The good news is the list doesn't take into account DVD sales that might... just... have rescued these Hollywood heads. And the bizarre news is that, from the trailers alone, some of them look half-decent. As William Goldman told us, in Hollywood, no one knows anything. Go figure.


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