Electric Car Land Speed Record: Drayson Racing Technologies Set New Record

A 39-year-old land speed record has been smashed by a new lightweight electric car.

The Lola B12 69/EV made by Drayson Racing Technologies reached a top speed of 204.2mph - hammering the previous record of 175mph.

Driven by company head, Lord (Paul) Drayson who was minister of science in the last Labour government, the feat is intended to highlight the potential of electric vehicles.

Google's Eric Schmidt was also present as his company also has a electric vehicle programme

To be classed as lightweight the car had to weigh less then 1,000kg and was adapted from a Le Mans racer the company had previously designed.

Its 20 kilowatt battery gives it a massive 850 horsepower.

Lord Drayson told the BBC after the record-breaking drive: "What it, I hope, shows to people is just what the future potential of electric cars is.

"Obviously this is a very special racing car, but by setting this new world record here in Britain we say two things.

"One it is a pointer to the future - the technology that we developed for this car will filter down to the cars we use every day.

"And secondly it's a message about how here in the UK we're a world leader with this technology. We've led motorsport engineering, now we're also leading with electric motorsport engineering."

Drayson Racing Technologies has an impressive portfolio of work and competitions.

As well as land speed records and Le Mans they will also compete in the FIA Formula-E Championship which begins in Rio di Janeiro next year.

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