Washington Paint Crash Leaves Man And Dog Covered (PICTURES)

An American man had a more colourful day than he bargained for after crashing a car full of paint cans.

He was driving in Belfair, Washington on Tuesday when he lost control of his vehicle, veering off road and crashing.

The dog actually has a black coat

The 5-gallon latex paint cans he was carrying opened in the crash, spilling their vibrant contents all over the car's interior.

The driver, who thus far has not been named, was drenched in the paint, alongside his dog, which also received a comprehensive coating.

The colourful canine, upon being found by police alongside his owner on the road, was brought to a local resident's home to have her natural, black colour restored.

She was then brought to the Kitsap Humane Society, a charity caring for animals in need, where worker Kelly Michaels said of the dog "The dog appears to be a Labrador mix and she looks great."

Kelly added: "The dog is happy. She has big brown eyes and she's wagging her tail."

Meanwhile, the driver, who suffered minor injuries in the crash, was taken to hospital for treatment.

He will be reunited with his dog when he is discharged.