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He says he's totally confused by the revelation.
An immigration sting in Canada has uncovered a man posing as a 17-year-old high school basketball player - despite him being
A 'right plonker' has been caught reversing and crashing through barriers onto a level crossing in extraordinary CCTV footage
A "young, perky" ostrich has been spotted “confidently gambolling” around Tunbridge Wells. Bemused motorists glanced out
The House Of Commons can get heated, but at least a Member of Parliament has never fired an AK-47 at a colleague during PMQs
An American man had a more colourful day than he bargained for after crashing a car full of paint cans. He was driving in
Greek auteur Giorgos Lanthimos' latest venture, Alps, is out on DVD this week and proves as unsettling, bizarre and memorable as his acclaimed 2009 feature film Dogtooth.
From the country that brought us the ice bra, cuddle clubs, and a desire to turn our foreheads into the shape of a bagel
A psychic who conned young female disciples into stripping off for raunchy spiritualist sessions is facing jail. Karl Lang
Edinburgh Zoo is considering streaming the birth of its first baby panda live on the internet. Giant pandas Tian Tian and