Turtle Hurtles Through Truck Windscreen (PICTURE)

Bricks, trees, deer, and even a bald eagle: these are all unlikely animals and items known to have plunged both accidentally and deliberately through windscreens.

But we've never seen one of these before.

This shot of a turtle, having apparently hurtled through a truck windscreen, was posted to Reddit.

A bad day for turtles and truck drivers

Thankfully, we're told the animal survived and was handed to the Department of Transport, but the question on everybody's lips is, how the hell did it get there?

User cofojc claims an "unknown vehicle kicked it up with one its tires and truck ran into it."

But, with Reddit being what it is, not many people were prepared to buy that, with some wondering whether a hawk or eagle was attempting to crack its shell by dropping it, and others speculating as to whether it had been callously thrown from a bridge.

Some even suggested the animal had been placed in an existing hole...(seriously? who the hell would do that?)

We very much hope that wasn't the case and that this little guy will be making a turtle recovery...