Thousands of sea turtles cold-stunned by the plunge in temperatures have been washing up on the beaches of South Padre Island, off the southern coast of Texas. Volunteers have brought over 4,700 of them to a convention centre, where they are being kept in tubs and enclosures before they can be released when the water is warmer.
Philippine authorities found 1,529 live exotic turtles stuffed in luggage belonging to a Filipino passenger arriving at Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport from Hong Kong. Customs officials handed 1,529 turtles to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources' Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Unit.
Turtles swallow plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish.
700,000 hatchlings will eventually be released.
As with most mornings, I was reading the newspaper in bed while my pet turtle Tobi was in the water in his transparent plastic container by our bedroom window. This was his hour of basking in 'passive sunlight'. But something felt different. I noticed that he was in an unusually calm floating state for a bit.
Along with the likes of the giant Panda, Polar Bear, Rhino, Elephant, Tiger and a whole host of others, Turtles gain a lot
Located in what scientists call 'the coral triangle', Indonesia is surrounded by some of the planet's richest marine life. It is estimated 51,090sqkm of the country's surrounding water is made up of coral reef, an area home to everything from sharks and rays to Pygmy seahorses. So where do you find the most beautiful and biodiverse dive sites?
A rare albino turtle was spotted on Sunday on a beach in Australia. The tiny creature, dubbed 'Little Alby,' was discovered