Hilariously Awful Ghanaian Mobile Cinema Posters (PICTURES)

By the 1980s, cinema in a lot of the Western world had already been firmly established and become a part of everyday life.

In the African country of Ghana, however, the film industry was just taking off.

With the nation being relatively poor and underdeveloped, there was no possibility for the existence of large cinema complexes. In fact, the so-called 'big screen' didn't actually exist.

Instead, small companies went around with portable TVs, video players and videos, visiting every town or village in turn, with film 'screenings' taking place in schools during the day, and outside at night.

In order to draw in the largest crowds possible to these red-carpet premiers, these small companies employed artists to create advertisement posters for the films.

The results were, erm, interesting.

Tom Cruise would be flattered (probably)

The artists were clearly not able to use computer programmes to create the posters, having to go the old-school way instead, with oil paints on opened-up flour bags.

Here, Keanu Reeves' nose has appeared to have melted onto his own face.

Laurence Fishburne doesn't seem to care

The posters have become quite valuable in recent years, with collectors wanting to get their hands on the legacy of an industry that is fast-disappearing in the modern world. Because of their rough treatment, it's difficult to find one of these posters in good condition.

Is that a misshapen Obama, a cross-dresser and a flying fish? Who knows...

Check out more of the wonderful posters below:

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