African country distances itself from taking migrants as tweet mocks "Operation Dead Meat".
The former soap actor played Des Barnes for eight years in the ITV series.
African students in Wuhan, China have been stuck indoors for over a month as the area is on lock down to contain the Coronavirus spread. Nine African countries including South Africa, Mauritania and Morocco have evacuated, or have said they will evacuate so far. But students from other African countries have said they feel left behind and sad their country has not brought them home.
His supporters have said his efforts to prevent similar crimes mean he should be allowed to stay.
It wasn’t until my first visit to Ghana when I was 12 that my identity was first brought into question. I proudly said I was Ghanaian at the border control and they quickly rubbished me
The British-Ghanaian architect returns home with a spectacular new building.
The secret to Jollof rice is good tinned tomatoes and plenty of spices, or so we’ve been told by Vivian, a food vendor we
Moody's has warned that SA and its neighbours will find it hard to borrow money soon.
Government must make the effort to create the space for the creative arts industry to take a central role in the economy.