Google May Be Building A Games Console And Smart Watch


Google may be considering making its own games console, according to unconfirmed press reports.

The Wall Street Journal said that the search giant is looking to re-enter the battle for the living room with a machine focused on gaming as much digital TV and movies.

Google had previously attempted to claim a space under your telly with the Google TV initiative - a search-enabled smart TV platform with apps - and the Nexus Q media streamer.

But with both having failed - to varying degrees - to find a foothold in the market, Google may now be looking to the model of Microsoft and Sony, whose games machines have won them millions of fans - and dollars in streaming media and search.

It will also have its eye on Apple, who have long been rumoured to have a games-enabled Apple TV in development.

The Journal cites "people familiar with the matter", but despite wide coverage no additional sources have been turned up by the press.

Android gaming consoles have recently been developed - and this week, released - but have not found the mass audience that Google will require to take on the big games companies at their own, well, game.

In the same report it was suggested that Google may also be looking to release its own Android-powered wristwatch.

Various Android wearable computers are currently available, and with new devices such as the Sony SmartWatch 2 and Google's own Glass product soon to enter the market, hype is starting to build about the future value of the wearable market.

It is thought that the next major version of Android - Key Lime Pie - will open up the OS to be used in a wider variety of devices, including wearables.

Whether Google makes its own hardware too remains to be seen.

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