His and Hers 'Sexist' Sausages Cause An Uproar In Germany


We're used to targeted marketing - Coke Zero is known as 'Man Coke', Yorkie chocolate bars had a notorious 'not for girls' advertising campaign and stationery producer BIC were mocked for their 'BIC for her' pink pens.

The latest company to come under fire - and rightly so - is German supermarket chain Edeka, which created a storm after selling men's and women's sausages. A bloke's porker is described as being 'hearty' and 'strongly-spiced' while the ladies have to make do with a 'lean' sausage which despite being slimmer, is more expensive than the men's.

Get prepared to raise the other eyebrow because it doesn't stop there. To encourage both genders to pick up the sausages, the men's sausages are packaged with a scantily clad woman, while the women's packaging is of a muscled fella with a six pack.

Subsequently, the supermarket has faced a feminist backlash. The Inquisitr reported that the sausages were ignored by German media, but a blog by political scientist and feminist Antje Schrupp criticised the brand for its marketing and pricing (the “Fraun” versions, for instance, are significantly more expensive).

In the article, Schrupp quoted Journalist Susanne Enz who wrote a letter to the company citing "dull sexism", saying the packaging implies that "Men eat a lot and heartily, while women mainly want to be thin. … Women are there to please, while men are allowed to enjoy."

In an email to The Local newspaper in Germany, Enz said: "I think it's important to talk about everyday sexism and its consequences in as level-headed a way as possible if you want to raise sensibilities to it in broader society. Otherwise the criticism isn't taken seriously."

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