Naked Glory’s Sausages look, cook and taste just like meat - but they’re not.
Promotional feature from Naked Glory
Just 40k from Nuremberg, in Bavaria, you can check in to Germany's first Bratwurst-themed hotel. Owner Claus Boebel adorned the hotel with bratwurst-themed wallpaper and even bratwurst-shaped soap.
Firefighters who boasted about eating the piglets they saved from a blaze six months ago have been forced to apologise after
8. When you realise you don’t need an excuse. You eat the damn sausage.  7. When you’re ill and just need something with
On my second visit I was cheerily told that there was no bacon... or sausage... or eggs... or baguettes. It was 8:45 and they're meant to be serving this stuff till eleven. I left, annoyed, like a pup denied milk at his mother's teat.
Giant jugs of beer, sausages and hordes of tourists / Germans in lederhosen? It must be Oktoberfest, time to don a dirndl and do your best to booze like a Bavarian.
A runaway flightless bird which escaped its enclosure almost two months ago has been shot dead and will reportedly be turned