'X Factor': Sharon Osbourne Loses It With OAP 'X Factor' Wannabe Over Ozzy Osbourne Dig

'Get Him Out Of My F***ing Room'

If there's one thing guaranteed to wind Sharon Osbourne up, it's to say anything remotely negative about her hubby Ozzy Osbourne, which explains why she lost it with an OAP singing hopeful during his 'X Factor' audition yesterday.

Sharon saw red after 73-year-old wannabe Jonnie Rocco questioned Ozzy's singing ability.


Sharon Osbourne

After Mrs.O was left unimpressed by Jonnie's version of Elvis's 'An American Trilogy, he asked her: 'You think Ozzy can sing'.

Cue some choice language from X Factor's newest judge who screamed: "Get him out of my f***ing room".

"My room" indeed.

She then stood up and threw a pen at the old timer, which hit him on the shoulder as security ushered him to safety.

Seriously, don't mess.

The 'X Factor' judges

An 'X Factor' insider told The Sun: “Jonnie hit a really raw nerve and Sharon was furious.

“Normally she takes criticism from contestants on the chin.

“But she and Ozzy have obviously been through a tough time this year and any negative remarks about him are like a red rag to a bull as far as she’s concerned.”

The 'X Factor' judge reportedly kicked off at security officials after they took away the liquids from her hand luggage to repack them in plastic bags.

We're so happy Sharon's back on 'The X Factor' - SEVEN reasons happy to be precise...

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