Cardboard Bicycle Inventors Seek $2 Million On IndieGoGo For Green Production Line (VIDEO)

Cardboard Bicycle Inventors Seek $2 Million In Crowd-Source Funding

The inventors of a cardboard bicycle are trying to set a crowd-sourcing record, by requesting $2 million of funding on IndieGoGo.

The Cardboard Bike - made of recycled materials - is intended to "change the world" by providing a new, clean-energy use for garbage.

The bicycle is said to be durable, resistant to fire and waterproof - though having not tested it, we'll have to take the inventor's word on that.

"Imagine a time when every plastic or cardboard product that is thrown into the recycle bin will contribute to the creation of a bicycle, wheelchair or toy," said Israeli engineer and inventor of the cardboard bike, Izhar Gafni, in a press release.

"Basically the idea is like Japanese origami, but we don't compress the cardboard and we don't break its structure. We overcome the cardboard's failure points, by spreading out the weight to create durability."

Prototypes of the bike have already been built and shown to work, however, so it's not as far-fetched as you'd think.

But if the bike is already a proven concept, why do they need as much as $2 million to put it into production - an amount that represents the highest-ever sought after target on Kickstarter?

The team says that they want to not just make and sell a few bikes, but set up a production line "that will clean the streets of garbage, create jobs and provide mobility that is affordable, eco-friendly and cool".

So far the project has found $22,700 of funding - so there's a long way to go. Needless to say, we recommend reading into the detail of the plans if you intend to back the project - but in principle this is a sound and intriguing idea.


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