Trouble sleeping because of the noise? Whether it’s being next to a busy road, or sleeping next to a snorer these audible
It will help fight the growing number of pollutants in our oceans.
For the first time in history, a plastic-collecting ‘seabin’ has been installed in British waters to help fight the growing
Crowdfunding website Indiegogo has announced a new campaign on International Women's Day to help more female entrepreneurs
I have been asked many times what advice I would give other start-ups and it simply boils down to one thing: don't get ripped off. Not everyone will share your vision or think your idea makes sense. If fact, you might even be ridiculed for your product by some (I still remember abuse about my green trousers being hurled out of a taxi window by a middle aged Bristolian man)! This doesn't matter, provided you stick to your guns and hold onto your cash.
A Syrian man, whose image went viral thanks to a photo of him selling pens to try and raise money for his children, has said