01/07/2013 13:06 BST

Dublin Bike 'Prank': Monique Kelleher Knocked Off Her Bike After Rope Tied Across Road

A woman was knocked off her bike and left with injuries to her neck and hand after malicious pranksters tied a rope across a Dublin road.

Monique Kelleher was cycling at night when she hit the rope tied across two poles and went "flying" across the road.

She posted the pictures online to warn other cyclists of the danger, and told the "I was cycling past and my neck got caught in the rope causing me to fly off my bike and hit the ground.

"Luckily I haven’t broken any bones, and have come away with light injuries but someone else may not be so lucky. I just want to warn other cyclists and the public that this is happening as I haven’t heard of it before in Dublin.

mouth monique

monique kelleher neck no mouth

Kelleher wanted to warn other cyclists

The Gardai told the Huffington Post UK they are investigating an incident that happened on Mercer Street at 10pm on Sunday night.

monique kelleher