02/07/2013 07:43 BST

Kensington House Fire 'Visibile From Heathrow Airport' (PICTURES)

More than 70 firefighters were called to tackle a blaze at a three-storey house in Kensington, with smoke rising so high it was visible from Heathrow airport.

A mother and daughter were forced to flee from a neighbouring property when their roof also caught alight.

London Fire Brigade said that 10 fire engines were dispatched to the fire at a house undergoing renovations on Campden Grove, Kensington. A basement extension is believed to have been being carried out.

kensington fire

The blaze at a three-storey house in Kensington, west London

Many social media users at Heathrow, more than 13 miles away, tweeted that they could see the smoke.

London Fire Brigade station manager Rhodri Horton said in a statement: “When crews arrived they were faced with a rapidly developing fire affecting the whole of a three-storey house under refurbishment.

“Firefighters are working hard to bring the fire under control.

"A mother and a daughter from a neighbouring property escaped into their garden.

“Fire crews used a ladder to get them over a fence and away to safety. Thankfully, they were both uninjured.”

The London Fire Brigade has confirmed the fire is now under control.