london fire brigade

London Fire Brigade says craze has led to more than 100 rescues from apparatus designed for much smaller humans.
A blaze at an east London towerblock has fuelled more anger over the years-long scandal.
Dozens of firefighters tackle blaze on Platt’s Eyot island in Richmond upon Thames.
With each passing year, it becomes clearer the system is stacked against us, writes Natasha Elcock.
The blast in west London occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Several people escaped nearby buildings and five were rescued.
Four others were injured in the incident on Wednesday afternoon.
Eight people had to be rescued after getting stuck in half a metre of water on the North Circular.
"Glass gonad" overlooking Tower Bridge to be vacated after Covid hit to GLA finances.
The Grenfell fire is the most devastating residential fire in Britain since World War II. On June 14th, 72 people died in the 23 floor storey tower block, following a fire resulting from a faulty appliance. An inquiry into the many failings that led to the disaster was set up after the fire, with the first phase cataloguing a series of mistakes made by the London Fire Brigade. The second phase, due to look at the refurbishment and cladding used on Grenfell, has been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Eight fire engines have been dispatched to the building on Childers Street.
Some 20 people have been evacuated as 70 firefighters tackle blaze.
The fire is believed to have broken out in the headquarters of the Law Society.
Firefighters battled to save the club in Camden, north London.
Her early departure was agreed after discussions with City Hall.
Commons leader clarifies his comments after sparking outcry, revealing he "meant to say" he would have also listened to the fire brigade’s advice.
Fifteen people are believed to have been injured in collision involving a car and two buses in London.
MP, whose friend Khadija Saye was among the victims, says Cotton must “take ultimately responsibility” for brigade's failures as PM backs national guidelines on tower block evacuations.
Emma Dent Coad, the Labour MP for Kensington & Chelsea Labour MP, has condemned the official report into the Grenfell Tower disaster. The report detailed “serious shortcomings” and “systemic” failures in London Fire Brigade’s response to the blaze. Coad described the findings as “absolutely despicable and a betrayal of everything that firefighters stand for.”