The Anti-Cheating Wedding Ring: Too Late For Tiger Woods, But Not For You

Can you put a price on fidelity? Yes indeedy - if you buy your spouse-to-be a £350 wedding ring that literally imprints the words 'I'm Married' on the wearer's finger.

The titanium band, from was inspired by famous married cheaters Tiger Woods and Arnold Shwarzenegger, although we can't imagine Maria Shriver persuading the Governator to put that on his finger.

The ring has an interior engraving that reads 'I'm Married' backwards, so that when the ring is taken off, the words are imprinted on the finger.

Considering a wedding ring is meant to be the ultimate symbol of your love and commitment to each, we couldn't imagine anything worse. After all, if you're going down that route, why not fit them with an electrical collar that zaps them when you suspect them of flirting with another person, or perhaps fit them with some sort of chastity belt that only you can unlock at the end of the day.

Trust us, if you need the anti-cheating wedding ring, you've probably already got your answer.

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