04/07/2013 07:57 BST

'Doctor Who': BBC Wanted To Bring Back Tom Baker For 2005 Revival

The BBC wanted to bring back 'Doctor Who' with a familiar face - Tom Baker - according to reports.

Russell T Davies revived the sci-fi show with Christopher Eccleston to much acclaim after a 16-year hiatus in 2005.

But the former Doctor Who writer and executive producer said Tom's name came up when he was called into a BBC meeting to discuss several projects, including the possible revival of 'Doctor Who', in 1999.

Fansite Blogtor Who reported Russell as saying: "I remember, actually, someone in the room said, 'Why don't we bring Tom Baker (the fourth doctor) back?' and we all said, 'Yes!' I was sitting there, going with anything, 'Yeah, that'd be great!'."

The site said that the revelation features in new DVD documentary 'The Doctor Forever: The Unquiet Dead', which examines the period when the show was off air between 1989 and 2005.

The fansite also said that former BBC chairman Michael Grade and former Director General Mark Thompson didn't want the show revived when they were at the corporation and that then controller of drama commissioning at the BBC Jane Tranter wanted Dame Judi Dench to take on a role in the revived sci-fi show.


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