Wife-Carrying: Possibly The Most Bizarre of Couples Activities? (PICTURES)


Once upon a time loving someone simply meant saying "I love you". That, and getting married and/or having children.

But things aren't what they used to be and -- call HuffPost UK Lifestyle old-fashioned -- it's all starting to get a bit complicated.

Now there's everything from annual Serbian bride race, where women compete to win their dream wedding dress, to Romanian bride 'napping', where women are kidnapped on the big day and held hostage until their groom saves them.

Then there's our favourite: wife-carrying. We're not talk about being carried over the threshold or given a piggy back when your shoes hurt -- this is a real-life sport.

And we don't know who has it worse - the poor sod doing the carrying, or the upside-down wife who face is in direct shot of any volleying farts.


The wife-carrying world championships took place in Finland this weekend and the pictures speak for themselves...

Wife Carrying World Championships 2013 Sonkajarvi, Finland

Wife Carrying World Championships 2013 Sonkajarvi, Finland

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