10/07/2013 07:03 BST

Bloon Balloon Near-Space Trip Makes Super High Altitude Tourism (Almost) Affordable

Humanity is on the verge of a new age of space tourism - well, those lucky enough to be able to spend £135,000 on a trip on Virgin Galactic.

Thankfully a Spanish company are giving the less financially endowed a chance to visit near-space by floating there in a balloon.

Bloon will take you, three guests and two pilots on the trip of a lifetime for just under £24,000.


The trip promises some pretty spectacular views

Deposits are already being taken with flights planned to start in two years time.

The hi-tech balloon - similar to the type used in Felix Baumgartner's epic space jump - will carry your party 36 kilometres in a comfortable pod.

You will then spend two hours admiring the views and even be served a meal.


The stages of your incredible trip

Extra-thrill seekers can even request a 2*2 cabin for a more - intimate - experience.

Then as an extra treat you'll experience weightlessness as the pod makes its descent after detaching from the balloon before coming to land under a para-foil.

Zero2Infinity, the company behind InBloon has already conducted successful near-space flights for scientific research missions.


An earlier test mission