'Powered Jacket' Exo-Skeleton Suit Is Useless But Has Super-Powered Marketing (VIDEO)

WATCH: Exo-Skeleton Suit Will Give You Superpowers...

A Japanese company has developed an £80,000 state-of-the-art exo-skeleton suit that will allow you to do - well not much really.

Sagawa Electronics released this pretty surreal and hilarious video to promote their device based on a Manga comic called 'Powered Jacket'.

The appropriately named Scarface Santoro - who reminds us of this - talks us through what you can achieve by wearing the suit.

Not just for schoolgirls

You can walk, move your arms and - inexplicably - break up with a lover because you have to go to war.

It's expensive, flimsy and pretty useless but we'll allow it seeing as the video is so hilarious...


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