Bank Of England App Opens Up Gold Vaults To The Public (PICTURES)

Take A Peak Inside The Bank Of England With Their New App
Bank of England

The Bank of England has opened up its gold vaults to the public for an exclusive - virtual - look at its inner workings with a new iOS, Android and web app.

The tour of the famous building in Threadneedle Street is - perhaps surprisingly - free to download and use.

It offers a rare chance to see the inner workings of the UK's foremost economic institution.

Included in the tour is a 360-degree picture of the gold vaults, which houses more than 400,000 bars of the precious metal deep within the bank. The gold is held for the UK government, central banks and members of the London Bullion Market Association. The bank itself only owns two standard bars and two Roman bars.

A gold bar is currently worth around £350,000 making the total value of the room about £140,000,000,000.

The tour also includes pictures of the cash vault, where some of the bank's vast cash hoard is held, as well as the Garden Court at the heart of the building.

"Most of the Threadneedle Street building is, of course, a working space devoted to monetary and financial stability. But it is a recognisable landmark to many people, and the App provides a unique glimpse of some of the Bank's more significant locations behind its familiar facade."


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