Topless Tunisian Protester Inna Shevchenko Inspiration Behind French Marianne Stamp

Topless Femen Activist On New French Stamp

A Femen activist famous for her bare-breasted protests is the inspiration behind the new French 'Marianne' stamp.

Artist Olivier Ciappa revealed the muse for the drawing was Ukranian, Inna Shevchenko, who was recently granted political asylum in France.

President Francois Hollande unveiled the new stamp on Sunday after choosing the image from a shortlist.

Ciappa said Marianne would definitely be a member of Femen

Marianne is the national emblem of France and represents the values of the country which have changed over time.

Originally quite a conservative figure, depictions became more aggressive after the French Revolution and many showed her as bare breasted.

Femen have gained worldwide fame for the naked protests against female oppression.

Ciappa said on Twitter the new Marienne was "a mixture of several women but especially Inna Shevchenko".

In typically Femen style, Shevchenko replied with:


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