25/06/2013 05:05 BST | Updated 24/08/2013 06:12 BST

"Femen Is Pornography" Say Facebook

The women's movement Femen informs the public of the involuntary termination of its major accounts on Facebook.

Yesterday, Facebook blocked Femen's main page Femen. A day earlier, they had terminated the account for our French Femen subsidiary. In total, these pages were liked by about 170,000 people. Until today, the network of Femen's pages had been one of the biggest women's communities on Facebook and was the main source of news about the activities of the movement.

The formal reason for the closure of the platforms is preposterous - they are accusing us of spreading pornography and promoting prostitution.

This fact is a logical continuation of the internet war waged against Femen from a host of different reactive groups: the Nazis from European and post-Soviet dictatorships to Islamic fundamentalists.

The Femen pages on Facebook were one of the main information platforms for the campaign for the release of political prisoners, in particular activists from Tunisian prisons.

The Femen movement has appealed the closing of the pages of Facebook and we've asked them to reverse their decision as soon as possible to return the women's revolution its main mouthpiece!

Zuckerberg! Femen is not pornography!

The only primary source of information about the activities of the movement is currently the official website