The poet-lyricist and CBFC chairperson opens up about his politics, dissent and why he, along with some others, wrote that counter-letter to Modi, calling lynchings a 'false narrative.'
Tanks on the streets have been replaced by online repression, surveillance and censorship – but no amount of censorship that will erase the horror of 4 June 1989 from history.
The platform’s new policy will disproportionately affect women and sex workers.
The search engine would block certain words and phrases.
The idea that one could ‘ban’ no-platform policies in the first place is itself a mind-bending proposition - who gets to decide if event requires a particular speaker?
The Film and Publications Board is "reverting to being an extension of a nanny state".
“We cannot replace truth with bias,” a bioethicist says.
"I want to go into the depth of this book and be able to make a judgement whether it is a credible move to try and stop the book," said Ramaphosa.
The Home Secretary is politicising the criminal law in an attempt to look tough on terror. She's doing it at the cost of free speech and a fair justice system. The reality is there is no evidence of a link between viewing 'extremist' material and intending to commit crime, no evidence censorship will defeat terrorism, and no need for more counter-terror powers.