Google Street View Eiffel Tower Images Take Maps To Paris (PICTURES)

PICS: Climb The Eiffel Tower From Your Desk

Google has added a new set of 360-degree images from the top of Paris' Eiffel Tower.

The view from la tour joins recent additions to Google Street View that range from the top of the Burj Khalifa to Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and the set of Skyfall.

More than 250 million people have visited the tower since it was built in 1889, becoming the highest monument in the world (a record that stood for four decades).

And now thanks to a collaboration between the Google Cultural Institute and the Eiffel Tower Operating Company now you can go there too - from your desk.

Using their Street View Trolley, Google filmed several 360 views from the top and collated them into a set of stunning views, as well as an online museum celebrating the tower's legacy.

As a product manager and designer, it's been awe-inspiring to get to see the spectacular vision and the detailed architectural capabilities exemplified by the plans more than 100 years ago," said Mark Yoshitake, Head of Product & User Experience, Google Cultural Institute.

"It required tremendous knowledge of special planning and physics to ensure that 18,000 separately made pieces would come together as one. So if you've never visited the Eiffel Tower before, want to get insider knowledge or simply want to re-discover it in a new way, visit our site and immerse yourself in one of the most well-known attractions on the planet."


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