Google Street View: Step Inside Harry Potter's Diagon Alley (PICTURES)

PICS: Google Adds Harry Potter's Diagon Alley To Street View

Google may have now run out of interesting real-life places to add to Street View.

But that's not to say there isn't space for images from the world of make believe.

The search giant has just added 360-degree images of Diagon Alley, the street of wizards, witches, wand-makers and Gringots Bank from the Harry Potter films.

Yes, as you might have gathered it's not the real Diagon Alley (there isn't one) but the set inside the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hertfordshire.

Using the map you can find your way to Ollivanders, Mr Mulpepper's Apothecary and several other parts of the Potter universe - including the cupboard under the stairs where he grew up at the Dursleys.

The addition comes in the same week that Google added images from Battleship Island, the real-life location which inspired the island lair of Javier Bardem's villain in 'Skyfall'.


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