David Cameron Accused Of Lying Over The NHS At Olympic Park Celebration

'Why Do You Lie To The British People?'
Hilary Kerr (left) berates the Prime Minister over the NHS
Hilary Kerr (left) berates the Prime Minister over the NHS

David Cameron has been accused of lying to the people of Britain by an angry woman at a celebration in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The Prime Minister was surrounded by excited volunteers from the London 2012 Olympic Games, and was accompanied by London Mayor Boris Johnson and Lord Coe, when Hilary Kerr unexpectedly began shouting at him about the NHS.

She said: "Mr Cameron, why did you say the NHS would be safe in your hands?

"You're privatising it."

The Prime Minister, who was right next to Ms Kerr, said: "Well, it is safe. We are saving the NHS. We're putting more money into it."

Ms Kerr shouted back: "Why do you lie to the British people?"

As the dense crowd around Mr Cameron looked on, one man shouted in support of him, saying: "We're with you!"

Grateful for the support, the Prime Minister said: "Thank you very much. It's not about politics today. It's about the Olympics. It's about volunteering."

It is not known whether Ms Kerr was a London 2012 volunteer.

Mr Cameron was at the main setting of last summer's Olympic spectacle one year on to see how the construction on the site is progressing and how it is living up to expectations in terms of legacy.

Alongside Mr Johnson and Lord Coe, he greeted London 2012 volunteers at the Go Local event organised by independent charity Join In in a bid to encourage more people to get into sport and volunteering.

Mr Cameron is optimistic about the legacy of the 2012 Games, deeming it to be a complete success.

"I would say the legacy is a success on every level. If you go back to when we won the Games, there are now 1.4 million more people taking part in sport every week, volunteering has gone up since the Olympics, charitable giving has gone up, we're building Olympic stadiums and Olympic parks in Sochi, we're helping out in Rio, we've seen exports go up, we've seen investment in Britain increase.

"So on every level, school sport we've got a great new package for, we've funded our athletes and Olympians all the way up to Rio.

"I think the legacy is absolutely there, and here we are in the Olympic Park, where of course every venue has been secured for a future use.

"So I think it's been a huge success for Britain, but the work isn't over."

Mr Johnson gave his assurances that plans were both "on time" and "on budget".

He added: "People will be coming to this part of London for generations to come as a new pole of attraction - a new centre - for the city, and there are going to be not just new homes here but new jobs, new businesses and new university campuses as well."

Thousands of people flocked to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park today for a concert which will include performances from McFly.


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