UK Weather: Animals Keep Cool During Heatwave (PICTURES)

Zoos across the country are having to conjure up new ideas to keep their residents cool in the current heatwave.

Animals in particular are suffering under the scorching sun and parks and zoos in the UK are battling against the heat.

Drummond Safari Park near Stirling have started giving cold showers to their penguins, while Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire are feeding their lemurs ice lollies stuffed with apples.

Black and White Ruffed Lemurs eating an ice lolly with apples in at Twycross Zoo.

Anna Westbury, Zoo Keeper Team Leader at Twycross Zoo told The Huffington Post UK “To help keep our animals cool we give them refreshing ice pops. To make the frozen ice pops we use whatever food is part of the animal’s diet (fruit or vegetables) and freeze it in water or diluted sugar free fruit juice overnight.

"They’re very easy to make and because they’re frozen we can make them a few days in advance to keep stock our levels high. Meanwhile, our carnivores get to cool down with frozen blood blocks!"

See below for 28 pictures of animals keeping cool in the heatwave.

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Animals keeping cool in the UK heatwave