uk heatwave

Sweat is not a means of transmission, but you need to take more care with your face mask in the heat.
Lauren O’Connor says she was "absolutely mortified" when a sales assistant in Sainsbury's advised her to pull her shirt down.
Forecasters have warned that temperatures could beat the 37.8C recorded at Heathrow in July.
Hot and bothered? Don't sweat it, we've got you covered with 8 helpful tips to stay cool 😎
Scientists have revealed that the Pacific reefs are in critical danger as the region enters its hottest months of the year. Four years ago a heatwave killed up to half of Hawaii's corals, now early signs of coral bleaching have reached the island's most remote shorelines, a sign that another catastrophic event could be on its way.
The late summer sunshine is a result of warm air being dragged up over the UK from France.
For most of us it's been too hot to handle – but some members of the animal kingdom found superb workarounds.
It’s not just us humans who are feeling the effects of the summer heatwave - the animal kingdom has been having fun keeping cool, from bears taking a swim to tigers munching on some icy treats. With temperatures this year set to be record-breaking, the RSPCA has urged pet owners to take extra care in the heat to make sure their furry friends have plenty of water and shade.
Heatwave smashed the highest-ever temperature recorded in July.