Denise Welch And Husband Lincoln Townley Sign Up For 'Strictly' Rival 'Stepping Out'?

Denise Welch and her new husband Lincoln Townley have signed up to ITV's Strictly rival.

The new show, Stepping Out, follows celebrity couples at home as they learn new dance routines to perform each Saturday night.

According to The Sun, Denise and Lincoln will be putting their best foot forward to compete in the programme which is due to air this summer.

Denise Welch and Lincoln Townley

The couple recently got married in Portugal and are currently on honeymoon in St Lucia but will start filming for Stepping Out shortly after they get home.

A source said: "Most people like to get married surrounded by family and friends, have a romantic honeymoon and then come home and spend some time getting to know each other.

"But Denise and Lincoln are not like other couples. They are renowned for having a fiery relationship and there are sure to be plenty of rows, which will make good TV.

"It is a dancing programme similar to Strictly but it is going to focus on the contestants' home lives and try to capture all the ups and downs they face learning the routines."

Denise Welch's honeymoon

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