Boris Johnson: London's 'Tech City' Is Ready To 'Coagulomerate' To Victory With Campus Party (VIDEO)

Boris Johnson has been a consistent presence at Tech City events in recent months - and has even been known to pitch a few app ideas of his own.

In a new interview given to support Tech City and the upcoming Campus Party festival taking place at London's O2 Arena in September, he says that tech has never been more important to the capital, employing 40,000 people and "growing all the time".

He also manages to coin a few new words, pointing out that "Campuseros will be ‘coagloromerating’ at Campus Party" and encouraging everyone to join in with the spirit of "inflorescence". He also can't pronounce Glastonbury.

Inspiring stuff, certainly. Take a look, and head over to Campus Party for tickets and details.

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