High-Tech Portable Hotel Attaches Itself To A Private Jet (PICTURES)

If you're the sort of literal high-flyer who who makes your way around the world on board a high-speed private jet, you probably don't want to travel too far to your hotel when you arrive.

In fact you'd probably want the hotel to come to you.

That's exactly the idea behind a conceptual runway five-star hotel, dreamed up for a private client by architect Margot Krasojevic.

Wired reports on the design, which was apparently commissioned by a single client. The result is a lightweight, luxurious and totally insane-looking structure which appears to literally attach itself to a jet.

With a range of hydro-pneumatic suspension systems, the design can move apart and shift its layout, while a rainwater filter, LED lighting and "pattern recognition, digital, and radioactive technology" do, well, something, presumably.

Clearly this is just a concept - but it's a pretty neat one. Though why, if you have the sort of money for a hotel like this, you aren't already living aboard an enormous speed zeppelin named 'Hubris' is totally baffling.