Naked Couple Stop Traffic During Blazing Row In China (PICTURES)

LOOK: Naked Couple Stop Traffic During Blazing Row

You know how it is, you’re having a blazing row with your other half in public and things get so heated you start tearing off your own clothes.

That’s exactly how things went down in the middle of a busy street in Guangdong Province, China.

Eyewitness Jiang Dayu took the images with his mobile phone, telling Rex News: "The couple started to quarrel at the roadside, then moved to the middle of the street, neglecting beeping and weaving vehicles.

'I am so cross I am going to take off all my clothes, how d'you like that?'

“The man stripped down first, then the woman did the same."

While the woman threw off every stitch, the man drew the line at removing his trousers.

Thankfully the argument was defused, with the couple hugging and making up before shuffling off, still undressed.

Aw isn’t love grand?


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