RHex Robot Does Parkour And Looks Weirdly Cute

The DARPA-funded RHex has been around for a few years now but it's getting more talented as time goes on.

Now it's taken up parkour - and looks weirdly cute.

It's six paddle-like legs may look clumsy but by varying the the timings of each one it's capable of some pretty nifty moves - even quite a credible pull-up.

Other versions can even right themselves in mid air

The RHex is designed and built by Boston Dynamics to be able to tackle all manner of rough, wet and slippy terrain (see video below).

It's controlled remotely and can saunter around at 2mph for up to six hours before its battery runs out.

DARPA - the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - has a lot of interest in robots capable of venturing where humans rather wouldn't.

But whereas RHex is a cute little thing other projects are simply terrifying...

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