Whoops! Company Produces 5,000 Royal Princess Souvenir Plates

Well, this is unfortunate.

Spare a thought today not just for the two-day-old royal child whose every move is being monitored by the world's press, but also the company that produced these plates to commemorate the birth of the royal

"A local business (who shall remain unnamed), received an inside tip on the gender of the royal baby from a supposedly reputable source," explains the online store Wholesale Clearance UK, who are selling the plates. "With complete confidence in their inside man, they ran a print run of 5,000 commemorative plates, celebrating the birth of the first Princess of Cambridge.

"Alas, the inside tip unfortunately didn’t pay off, leaving the small family run business with thousands of useless plates and a sour taste in their mouth."

As a result, Wholesale Clearance bought all 5,000 of the plates - which are now their warehouse "minus several that were broken in an internal plate-smashing contest".

So what are you waiting for? Head to the website to buy your own piece of (inaccurate) history, at a bargain price of £149 for 50. As Wholesale Clearance point out, you could use them for your own plate-smashing contest, have a dangerous game of frisbee with them or even "wait for baby number two and hope it is a girl and sell them for considerable profit." It's what the royals would want, we're sure.

(Via The Poke)

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