Can You Lend Me A Squid? Holidaying Camerons Visit Fish Market (PICTURES)

The PM and his wife pick out some squid at a fish market
The PM and his wife pick out some squid at a fish market

David Cameron and his wife Samantha have begun their summer holiday with a visit to a Portuguese fish market.

The couple strolled around the stalls at the market at Aljezur on the Algarve before settling on some squid for their supper.

Samantha looks great in a sleeveless green dress...

The Prime Minister - who has been criticised in the past for his choice of holiday wear - picked a short-sleeved blue shirt, khaki shorts and a pair of loafers (worn without socks) for the visit.

His wife - who has never knowingly been criticised in the past for her choice of holiday wear - chose a sleeveless green dress.

...while David dresses in the standard uniform of a middle-aged man on holiday

The couple have made a break for the sun at the end of a frantic week marked by the birth of the Prince of Cambridge.

More used to dealing with slippery issues around Westminster, the couple looked relaxed as they entered the fish market and got on with the business of sorting out the night's dinner.

So many people, and we've given the photographer the slip

Sam looks wistfully at her husband as the smell of fish pervades all

The Camerons, who arrived in Portugal yesterday with their three children, are spending just under two weeks in the area. The family is reported to have rejected Prime Ministerial luxury, flying out from the UK on an Easyjet flight.

They are expected to round off their holiday with their annual visit to Cornwall. Whether or not they will be spotted making a purchase at a local Cornish Pasty market is unknown.

The PM and family are expected to take a break in Scotland, a nod - perhaps - to the forthcoming independence referendum.

The PM tries out some Portuguese on the stall holder

The PM's break coincides with his Deputy Nick Clegg's foreign holiday, prompting the Lib Dem leader to tell listeners of his LBC phone-in slot that Theresa May and William Hague are "holding the fort".

Job done - let's get out of here

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