Cosy: Push-Up Bra Advert Sees Political Adversaries Drawn On Women's Breasts (PICTURES)

From campaigns such as No More Page 3 and Lose The Lads Mags to breast-feeding in public and FEMEN, breasts have long been on the political agenda.

But a recent ad campaign has brought breasts and politics together in a way HuffPost UK Lifestyle have never seen before: by drawing politicians faces directly onto them. Yeah, strange huh?

Advertising its Super Push-Up bra range, Brazilian-based lingerie brand Hope has enlisted a host of political figures to testify to the strength of the bra's breast-squishing strengths.

The adverts place political adversaries head-to-head on the model's left and right breasts under the strap line (yes, that pun was intended) "Right And Left Together".

We're not sure whether this is advertising at its best or worst. But we're leaning towards the latter.

George Bush and Hugo Chavez

Ronald Reagan and Fidel Castro

Margaret Thatcher and Che Guevara

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