01/08/2013 07:41 BST | Updated 01/08/2013 07:53 BST

Lads Mags Ban Backed By The Public After Co-op Announcement, Opinion Poll Finds

Moves to force lads' mags to cover up with modesty bags have been backed by the public - with only young men against the crackdown.

A new opinion poll found that 54 % of British adults were in favour of the move by the Co-operative, which has given the likes of Zoo and Loaded until September 9 to be delivered in sealed bags.

Campaigners hailed the announcement as a striking a blow against sexism and the use of sexualised imagery as "wallpaper".

Shelves of "lads' mags" on display in an Edinburgh newsagents

But critics said it was a victory for the "feminist Taliban".

People were most likely to "strongly support" the crackdown, with only eight per cent saying they were "strongly against", YouGov found.

But the 'lads' themselves don't like it. Men aged 18 to 39 were the only group against the move, while women over 40 were overwhelmingly in favour.

YouGov said there were "stark differences" between men and women in their attitudes.

It said:

For instance, 30% of younger men think the magazines “should be sold anywhere”, ten times the 3% of women 40 and over who think so. Additionally, 12% of older women don’t want the magazines sold anywhere, a view held by only 3% of younger men.