01/08/2013 11:55 BST | Updated 01/08/2013 11:55 BST

How The London 2012 Olympics Changed The World's View Of Britain

Once viewed as 'restrained' and 'unapproachable' it looks as though the London 2012 Olympics games has shifted the worlds view of Great Britain for the better - with the exception of the French of course!

A survey of more than 2,000 people across Germany, Australia, the USA, Brazil and France has detailed how Brits were viewed a decade ago and then again in the months following the games.

Whether it was the victorious performance of medal winning athletes, the uncharacteristic amount of tears shed or the emergence of the Royal family and celebrities in the grandstand, Britain is now seen as 'glamourous', 'approachable', 'charming' and as 'high-performers'.

In assessing 'Brand Britain', brands and communications company Landor found although Britain's image was already improving over the last century, the Olympics lead a notable shift in a more positive image.

How The Olympics Changed Britain's Image

Germany were apparently most impressed out of the five countries interviewed and it was the handling of the games that changed perceptions.

Once seeing us as 'unreliable', 'low performing' and 'low quality' (ouch) the following months saw perceptions swing to 'reliable', 'intelligent' and 'high performing'. No doubt our comparative medal tallies boosted the last change in attitude (*cough 65 - 44*).

The French, though giving some concessions, were reluctant to go all the way in their praise for Brits post games.

The less than flattering deceitful and untrustworthy tag once bestowed upon us did at least included 'glamourous'. This has somehow shifted to 'approachable' but they've lowered us in the style stakes down to 'less glamourous'.

The USA were apparently once afraid to get too close to 'restrained' Brits, but displays of waterworks, camaraderie and general crowd spirit perhaps let them know we were open to approaching. Now viewed as 'kind', 'caring' and 'trendy'.

Australia were seemingly always quite fond, previously describing Brits as 'down to earth', 'rugged' and 'approachable'. Though perhaps it was the strong performance of female athletes that now has them seeing us as more 'glamourous' and less 'rugged'.

The next Olympics hosts Brazil were perhaps the most kind labelling us prior to the games as 'stylish', 'trustworthy' and 'caring' and then adding 'high performers' to that list once the torch was passed onto them.

With 'traditional' the stalwart characteristic given to us from all five countries, the challenge now seems to be whether we can maintain this positive perception.