02/08/2013 06:45 BST

Chicago Man Crushed By Trash Compacter After Trying To Find His Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are dangerous. They can electrocute you, blow you up and even set fire to your house.

And now it seems they can lure you to an untimely, and horrifying, death.

According to local media reports, Roger Mirro, 56, was found dead in a trash compacter in Palatine, Chicago, after trying to retrieve his mobile phone.


The garage that housed the trash compacter

He had originally been reported missing by his wife, and a neighbour later said he had asked her for a key to the garbage chute as he thought he'd dropped his phone down it.

A search of the property by police found a ladder propped up against the compacting machine.

His body was inside "with obvious signs of trauma".

An autopsy confirmed he died of crushing injuries. Deputy Police Chief Alan Stoeckel described the death as "a terrible accident", reports the Chicago Tribune.