02/08/2013 06:10 BST

Google Motorola Moto X Ads Changed After Accusations Of Sexism

Everyone knows sex sells - but there's a fine line between sultry seduction and downright immaturity.

This is a lesson Motorola seem to have not yet grasped with a series of distinctly unclassy ads for the upcoming Google Moto X smartphone.

First up was this tweet:

moto x

Subtle. Tellingly, it has now been deleted but not before a significant number of retweets.

Next was this ad:

moto x

Should the phrase "Is bigger really better?" really appear in an ad seemingly aimed at girls of an age to carry around pop candy.

This was also amended and changed to...

moto x

Not content with two sexual faux pas, this...

moto x

... was changed to this:

moto x

Are these ads sexist, just immature or a bit of harmless fun?

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(via Business Insider)