How To Lose Weight Fast: Try Having A Man Insult You In 'Hey Fattie' Weight Loss App

How To Lose Weight Fast: Try Having A Man Insult You In 'Hey Fattie' Weight Loss App

If circling cellulite on female celebrities in gossip magazines and offering post-pregnancy weight loss tips a day after the royal baby birth isn't enough to remind us that thin is the only way to be beautiful nowadays -- note the sarcasm in our voice -- there's a new app that will shout at you until you get the message.

The 'Hey Fattie' app is designed to help women lose weight... by having anime men hurl insults at them.

But the prize isn't just weight loss and having fictional characters prey on your insecurities - thank your lucky stars, ladies. According to reports the thinner you get, the closer you get to dating the guy on screen in some kind of bizarre cyber-relationship. Dreamy.

Think of it as the digital-age's answer to putting pictures of emaciated models on the fridge as 'thinspiration'

Designed by game makers Creative Freaks and Visual Works, the app is the female version of Nenshou! - a popular men's app where anime women encourage you to weight train.

According to Enews24, there's a big difference between the two apps: "While men need wide-eyed encouragement and compliments, the app makers seem to think that girls benefit more from some healthy abuse."

HuffPost UK Lifestyle don't think we'll be downloading the app anytime soon. What do you make of it?

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